Dr. Pearsall was the author of over 200 professional articles and eighteen international best-selling books.

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A Shoot the Donkey Interview

Overcoming Adversity. Some Survive. The Great Ones Thrive.
Learn to thrive

Steve Kayser interviews international bestselling author, Dr. Paul Pearsall, author of "The Beethoven Factor"

Obstacles, challenges, and tragedies are all part of life. Unavoidable. But lessons learned and shared from real-life experiences can help us in our …

Life of Business or Business of Life.

To win at business or life, adversity has to be faced, fought, and defeated. There is no other way. No options. You either beat it or it beats you. Win or you lose.

Simple, right?


Overcoming adversity is never simple. Ever.

Sometimes, despite Herculean efforts, you still don’t win. You’re crushed, mangled, and left feeling like a little dark spot in the middle of the road that vehicles constantly run over, with no thought of the past history and life of that dark spot …

… a dark spot that used to be a living, breathing organism experiencing the joy of life.

Forget Just Surviving. Triumph. Thrive.

But what about those people that not only triumph over adversity, but also astound you by propelling themselves to a higher plane? Against all odds, expectations, or beliefs, they thrive. What drives them? What shared traits do they have? What can be learned?

The Beethoven Factor

Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., the author of The Beethoven Factor, more than 200 professional articles, and 15 international bestselling books, will help us gain insights and ideas for action into what he calls “Thrivers.” Thrivers are amazingly inspirational people that don’t shrink from adversity, but triumph mightily.

Guess what?

They’re not any different from you or me.

What they have done is faced life’s unavoidable challenges head-on, grow stronger, more vital, and in the end, savored the sweetness life has to offer.

Dr. Pearsall’s writings and wisdom exemplify the Shoot the Donkey key principle of:

"Taking decisive action to remove all obstacles to success."